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"I'm a student at ISU. I have lived at Alpine for 2 years. I appreciate the quick response time to maintenance requests and the managers keeping things quite. It's great when I need to study late."

-Nathan, resident


"I have lived at Alpine for only a year and plan to stay. Being a single mother of 2 girls I appreciate the large lawn areas that the girls can play in. It's great living across the street from Sawyer Elementary so the girls can walk to school. Everyone is very nice and always willing to help."

-Jessica, resident


"I am a graduate student at ISU and appreciate the quite atmosphere at Alpine. My family and I have been here 3 years and plan to stay until I finish school. We really like having our own washer and dryer, its much more convenient with our busy schedules."

-Robert, resident


"We looked all around Ames for a 3-bedroom apartment. We decided on Alpine because they offered more than anyone else in our price range. After living here for a year we love it and wouldn't consider moving even for less rent."

-Carrie, Samantha, Rita, residents


"I lived in these apartments for 2 1/2 years and have no complaints. Overall the apt buildings are fairly quiet compared to the campus town area and are extremely large. The washer and dryer were the best and if you have any problems, maintenance can usually fix them very quickly. The manager, Marty, is also very nice! You can't find anything better for this price!"



"These apartments are pretty descent. I was glad to actually have a washer and dryer. I could sometimes hear the neighbors upstairs, but they moved out with all their animals, and the new people aren't bad at all. The managers are nice and the repair people are fast. I couldn't believe I get all three bedrooms all to myself, and cheap! I'm getting a roommate next semester, but it's still only $50 more. I had to wait for like 6 months to get this apartment, because they were full, but it was definitely worth the wait."


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Hickory Ridge

"I love these apartments because they are close to the bus stops, very quiet, have very good responsible managers and have most utilities included in rent. I also like the extra security door. The staff is always accommodating and friendly and the maintenance staff is very prompt and polite. I like the new progress that they are making to refurbish the apartments with new cabinets and paint, etc. The only thing that I dislike is the bedroom windows."

-Anonymous 2006-2009


"I have lived at Hickory Ridge for nearly 2 years and I have only good things to say about it. The management is always on the ball, and the maintenance guys are friendly and very timely. A clean property with a great pool!"

-Anonymous 2009


"I've lived here for almost 2 years and I can honestly say that this is a great place to live. The buildings are quiet and secure, hardly any noise is audible through the walls (you may hear the water pipes from the showers running in the apartment above you, but that's it), the landlord is excellent--very attentive and responsive, and the maintenance staff is prompt, thorough, and skilled. Every maintenance request I have made has been handled promptly and resolved to my complete satisfaction.


Any noise complaints (I've only had one) can be easily resolved by knocking on the offender's door and asking them to quiet down. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, the landlord has an emergency number after hours that can be called to resolve such situations. And if it's really bad, there's always the local police that can answer to the noise complaints.


I'm also very pleased with my apartment. My apartment was a newly renovated one with new carpet, microwave, etc.. and is very nice. I have also seen the older apartments and they're not too bad either. Older carpet, older appliances, etc., but still in very good condition.


For the price, atmosphere, and services provided to you as a resident, I highly recommend Hickory Ridge as a place to live."

-Anonymous 2006-08


"We have lived at Hickory Ridge for 2 years and love it. The management is onsite and very friendly. They are prompt with maintenance requests. They pay for cable, internet & heat too. The pool's also great in the summertime."

-Kristen 2008


"When I had to move to Ames from WA I searched for apartments online which was difficult but when I finally found Hickory Ridge they made things really easy. The staff have been really friendly and helpful. I like living here because its quiet and friendly environment."

-Irma 2008


"Thank you for making my time here in Ames great! I thought that Hickory Ridge was an excellent home."

-Kristine, 2003-2005


"Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed living at Hickory Ridge. The friendly staff, clean buildings, prompt maintenance can't be beat in Ames. Thanks so much!"

-Breehan, 2001-2003


"I've been very happy living here at Hickory Ridge. This is one of the best apartment complexes in Ames. I'm sorry I didn't discover it until my senior year. Thanks for a great year so far! (I must say that I really appreciate the quickness and efficiency of the maintenance staff)."

-Jennifer, 2004-2005


"Bradley is graduating and we are moving out of Ames on July 31. If we were staying around Ames, we'd definitely stick around here. I really would like to say, you have been very wonderful management. I was an apartment manager when I lived in Minneapolis and I know how difficult it can be. Sometimes a 'thank you' or a 'you do a great job' is wonderful to hear. Thank you, Karen and Ron for doing a wonderful job."

-Molly & Bradley, 2004-2005


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"I didn't have to leave Dayton, my kitty, at home!"

-Oakwood Tenant


"I love my FREE high-speed Internet!"

-Nick, 21, Oakwood Tenant


"The Oakwood Staff is available to help 24/7!"

-Amber, 22, Oakwood Tenant


"I picked this complex because of its proximity to the Veterinary college, its location away from main campus and main roads and their great pet policy. Internet, basic cable, water and garbage are included in the rent. Marty and Shari, the building's managers, are absolutely wonderful. I have only had problems with noise a few times since I've been here and if I call them it stops immediately. The apartments are spacious with nice size balconies. The entrance is secure. Most people I have met in the building are pleasant as well. I am very happy with my choice and plan to stay here until I graduate."

-Anonymous 2007-09


"I have lived at Oakwood for the past 3 years. I have lived in other complexes before, but I've never had the quality of service that I got from Gentry. The managers changed during the first year I started renting from them and it was like night and day. Whenever I've had a problem, the new manager went out of his way to make sure it was taken care of and was professional about it. The maintenance was done fast too. The apartments are huge and it's such a quiet building, and it's so clean. If I had a complaint, it would be that there are coin operated laundry rooms instead of washers and dryers in the apartments. I got a job out of state, but I'll tell anyone I know who's moving to Ames or going to grad school, Oakwood is definitely worth checking out."

-Anonymous 2004-07


"Great place to live. Big apartments. Fast maintenance service. Nice managers who are easy to get a hold of. It's in a really nice quiet area. Walls are concrete so I've never heard my neighbors. Campus is only a quick bus or bike ride away. Lots of off street parking. My kitties have lots of space to run around. HUGE deck. One of the most important things is it has security doors. Best apartment I've ever lived in."

-Anonymous 2003-06


"I have enjoyed living here for the past couple of years and I will continue to do so. I have never had any problems with the maint. staff. They have come and fixed any problem that I may have had the same day or the next. The apartment is very quite and I rarely hear my neighbors. It is always easy to find a parking spot, sometimes I have to park in the gravel, but it is still really close and not on the street. I would tell anyone to rent here it has been GREAT!!!"

-Anonymous 2004-06

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